I really like this guy.

This is the face we women get facing the idea of a “New Date”. Dating sites, groups and friendly gatherings can be a real cluster of haphazard landmines.

Dating hasn’t changed, just the standards. No rules, just a huge leap into an idea that anything goes, even for those guys who have professed standards.

So, not a cynical approach, but a reasonable one. Change the rules if you want, but put on your catface, it’s time for the Grumpy Cat rules of dating:

Number 1.

When you start to consider a date out of fear, guilt or obligation, stick with this rule.

People pressure is a big no. If you aren’t remotely interested, don’t let anyone sway you.

Same applies when a guy wants to send you pics of his junk. No. Just say no.

Number 2.

TheGreat Guy

If dating a great guy is a crime, well,  I would have a huge criminal record. A person can have great qualities, yet there is just that ONE thing. You can chip away at a person, but the question is this: If that person was you, would you like to change?

The answer is more than likely no. Thinking a certain way of influence will change them, is a stop sign.

We are not the special ops of dating.

Number 3.

Did someone sayFun?”

What is fun for one is not fun for all. And even having a good time does not equate to a soulmate. Fun is fun, enjoy a date. You can dutch if going out on a guys nickel seems like it may be obligatory.

Frankly, selling yourself short by not valuing your time spent is a crying shame. Have fun. Enjoy it. If not, be a lady and say rule number 1.

Number 4.

Lose My Number!

We all have that moment of clarity, that person that will wreak havoc on us after one date (or even long term). Its like FEMA quality dating. It was a disaster, and the damage was awful. Yet, somehow we wanna fix it. Not enough government funding for that?

Start packing, and just state you aren’t interested.

Number 5.


We all know this guy. Loves his own self, for his self. OK time to say buh-bye to his self, as we say c-ya. Anyone who is not confident in themselves will have a thing for struttin. They ain’t John Travolta. Sexy is confidence.

Not a selfish casualty of a persons insecurity.

Number 6.

OK, that’s a little harsh, but we have all gotten caught in the mercy date.

Some guy has X situation where he will tell you that story that plays out like a sad country music song. It’s strategy ladies. He is already setting you up for a string of mission impossible dates of “Make him happy.”

Unpack those bags, we ARE NOT going on a guilt trip.

Number 7.

Back Away From The Crazy

Sometimes our creep-o-meter is on the fritz and we date a whacko. Don’t dismiss feelings that make you feel you need to “Please” a guy you date by being hounded or corrected. If the switch up is he makes you feel less, worthless, incapable or you are suffocated, run. Seriously, the guy has issues, he (or she) needs validation, it’s nothing you did.

And he needs a restraining order, special delivery to his front door.

Number 8.

A Kiss? For What?!

That Feeling of needing some sort of space, 20ft. or so away from you, is a good indicator. Some people are touchy feely, affection is yours to give, no one should take it. Twenty dates or two, you don’t have any obligation to give a hug, kiss or handholding. If you are uncomfortable, that is all that counts. Make sure he knows.

If he is pushy, make sure to go to a public spot and make your voice heard, LOUDLY. Let him leave and catch a cab or call a friend.

Never get caught out without a ride home planned,(keep cab fare on you) no matter how long you have dated someone.

Number 9.

Snap Out of It!

So many people knew Santa wasn’t real and knew mom or dad were the guy in the red suit. Sure, getting gifts is great, but a guy (Or girl) usually plays the part of “Perfect for You” for three months. It’s pretty tough to keep up the perfect impression mode for more than that.

It’s kinda like Christmas: December 1st, excitement. December 15th anticipation. December 17th, photos in poor fashion choices looking happy. Then, December 25th, that nice box contained socks.

Don’t stand in the return line. Very annoying.

Number 10.

It is OK to be Picky

So that person didn’t stack up. Not because you hate them, or it didn’t work out. Sometimes just realizing  that not only would you be unhappy, but that other person already is unhappy,( or would become unhappy) is OK. Nobody likes rejection, but it isn’t. Seeing off a potential, means that it was exactly that: potential.

Keep open to the possible, stay awake for reality.


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