welcome-to-the-internet-internet-demotivational-poster-1264714433-pngSo, I take it you don’t live in a cave? And communication by carrier pigeon is a fun hobby. Bit odd, but fun. And you have opted for the wonder filled internet option of meeting new and exciting people online….

OK. So it’s just time for what we need to remember when looking online.

People aren’t always what they seem online.

Unless you are an under a rock dweller, you know this is true. Why people live in the fantasy of a profile, is still a mystery. A mystery like the Sharkacorn. Shh…shhhh, they may exist, naysayers.

The “Let’s connect on a Spiritual level”.

The fact is, you may meet someone online who is devout or devoutly lying. Meet at a neutral place for a couple months then, if comfortable meet with friends in tow. The facade can only last so long before it’s apparent where their faith lies. Volunteering, is a good first, second and continued date, just to really check deeper.


Okay guys and gals, here’s a big problem. Why do you need affirmation through a comment or “Like”?  No one needs to validate you. Self confidence is sexy. Get a hobby offline, pick a skill or just go do something good. Keeping a secret you feed people at a shelter, is a good boost. You don’t need the affirmation, you are awesome.

When you do good in secret, they don’t even know you are some kind of batman! (Minus the cape, it’s after labor day)

Game Contact.

Yeah, online games (MMOs) are a connection for the self proclaiming socially awkward. The honest fact remains that it is all pretend. Do a strange thing, shut down games, and don’t play them for a month. Don’t talk about social media, or anyone else you do not know in person for a month. Movies and comic books are off the list. The affirmation of things that aren’t real being your soul identity, can bring your self esteem down.

Oh, and yes, I have done exactly this. I still like Batman, not gonna cosplay, but he’s an ok, fictional guy I might wanna bring home to mom.

Dating Site Decorum.

OK a billion things could be said here, and let’s just say, that will have to wait for another post. Again just a big navigation of pretend and real. It’s a toss of the dice here. Love isn’t a couple of paragraphs and a selfie.

Have you ever met someone IRL, and then said ” Hey, freeze like your profile pic for an hour, it really brings out the best!”. No? Then don’t expect them to represent by duckface. Silly.

And of course this gem..

Yeaaah. OK. Step, away from the INTERNET. Slowly.

Got a question you want a ridiculously good looking answer to?


(no sharkacorns will be sent back to you)